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Meet Linda Lovero-Waterhouse

I help Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants and Professional Women leverage LinkedIn to enhance their personal brand, boost their business and win new customers.

What Others Say: "Linda really helps to demystify the world of digital marketing for all sorts of businesses. Her LinkedIn workshop was very helpful to make sure that we're presenting ourselves thoughtfully and getting more views to build our pool of prospects. I'd recommend her work to anyone, even if the whole online world is a bit overwhelming to you!" - Corinna S. Bisgaier, Consultant & Trainer

"Linda is an excellent and informative teacher. I participated in a seminar which Linda presented on LinkedIn and came away with a new understanding of the workings of LinkedIn and a lot of information about the nuances that are necessary in order to maximize your full potential when using the application ... An excellent use of my time. Thank you Linda." - Marcy Cortez, We Simplify Your Business Finances