Is your LinkedIn page really just an online resume? If so, you’re not taking full advantage of all that it has to offer. In episode one of my new video series on how to effectively utilize LinkedIn, I will break down the top 3 ways to use this platform. Whether you are seeking to network with other professionals or to advance your career, this video provides awesome insight how to get the most out of your LinkedIn page.

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Linda Waterhouse - LinkedIn Strategist

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A Little About Me:

I simplify and demystify digital marketing for small businesses, coaches and consultants so they can gain clarity, take action and increase their revenue. My main focus is on sharing techniques for using LinkedIn to generate an endless stream of clients.  My other online marketing strategies include website development, search engine optimization and social media.

I enjoy becoming a marketing partner with my clients because there is so much confusion about how to best implement online marketing.  I translate “Geek Speak” to “Street Speak” so that my clients are not overwhelmed by jargon and have a clear plan on how to use digital marketing each day to grow their businesses.

I am a co-author of "Turn Knowledge Into Profits" and am featured in the 3rd edition of The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business. I am a 2018 Top 25 New Jersey Leading Woman Entrepreneur Brand Builder.  When I'm not working, I can usually be found biking, hiking, or outside with my dogs. Over the past 8 years, I have helped hundreds of busy professionals optimize LinkedIn to build the business of their dreams…… you are absolutely in the right place! 

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